10 April 2014

Technology: Asus X102B touchscreen not working (Windows 8/ 8.1)

I bought an Asus X102B recently and suddenly the touchscreen stopped working. In the PC info section it read "Pen and Touch: No pen and touch input is available for this display".

A Microsoft forum proposed a few general methods but below is what worked for my Asus X102B:
  • First, I ran the hardware and devices troubleshooter by going to my Control Panel 
  • Clicked on Hardware and Sound, and then searched for troubleshooting in the search box at the top right. 
  • Hardware and Sound AGAIN (Microsoft knows nothing about simplicity I tell you)
  • Finally Hardware and Devices, then clicked Next and followed through the process to fix.

7 April 2014

Lifestyle: How I shape up my fufu in Cardiff

I can't entertain a fufu mortar and pestle here in Cardiff. So I make my fufu with the fufu powder I buy from City Road.

After preparation usually the outcome looks like banku.

So to shape it up like real Ghanaian fufu, I move it unto a chopping board and pound with my fist!

26 March 2014

11 March 2014

Letters to Marissa: Me kyiri wei, mempɛ wei, a story about being stuck with a Mac

Letters to Marissa are letters that I write to my "friend" Marissa about life.

Dear Marissa,

Long time. I am busy learning to be a journalist. Understand.

So I am picky. My mother complains about it. She says, "Sister, saa me kyiri wei, mempɛ wei no gyae." Translating Twi into English that means, "Sister, this picky attitude of yours stop it."

As at 23, I still hadn't dated. I had no reason why, other than simply just not "liking" the men available. I hated yam, fufu, banku, kenkey, a whole lot of soups, bread ... I ate the same things all the time. I wouldn't make friends, wouldn't go out of the house, I just wouldn't live. I had no fathomable reasons. Looking back, I was just being picky.

22 January 2014

3 more tributes for Komla Dumor

After Ghanaian BBC presenter Komla Dumor's sudden death, tributes are pouring in. From people who knew him, to those who only heard of him but enjoyed his work, the tributes are consistent.

He was a career role model
by Sandister Tei, studying International Journalism

I remember a night before an interview for a scholarship to study journalism at Cardiff University. I wanted to refresh my memory on what I knew about Ghanaian journalists as preparation. I wanted to know why if in case I am asked about my ambitions, I'd be quick to say, I wanted a career like Komla's. I wanted to know where my respect for him came from.